Quality Machine and Fabrication: Industrial Manufacturing Equipment List.

QMF’s shop is filled with an impressive array of machinery and equipment to manufacture a wide variety of products for heavy industry, and we continually invest in new equipment to keep our facility on the cutting edge of production capabilities.

This list highlights some of the machines and tools that lets Quality Machine and Fabrication manufacture almost every single part, component, structure or assembly our customers need, all under our roof. We know that when we control every facet of production, from design to concept to delivery, we can stand behind our quality, and minimize bottom line costs for our customers.

SOLIDWORKS® Premium 3D Design Software.
(We maintain the highest level licensing and capabilities of this recognized leader in the 3D CAD software industry, and our highly experienced 3D design specialists are fully trained and current in innovative CAD product development.)

Overhead Crane
15-Ton Capacity

Overhead Crane
7 Ton Capacity

Gilbert Boring Mill
132" x 60" Table
132" x 120" x 72" Travel
30" Spindle Travel

Okuma Genos L400E – CNC Lathe
15” Swing 2” Spindle Bore
42” between centers
12 tool automatic changer

Harrison Alpha 1550 – CNC Lathe
21” Swing
4.1” Spindle Bore
72” between centers

Harrison Alpha 400 – CNC Lathe
15” Swing
2.1” Spindle Bore
48” between centers

Clausing CNC Mill
54”x10” Table
38” x 16” Travel

Kuraki Boring Mill
47”x41” Table
60”x60”x48” Travel
24” Spindle Travel

Harrison V-390 Manual Lathe
15” Swing 2.1” Spindle Bore
48” between centers

Koike CNC Plasma/Oxy Fuel Table
72” x 240” Bed

Ingersol Rand Waterjet
72” x 144” Bed

Accurpress 175 Ton Brakepress
120” Bed

Montgomery 12’ Plate Rolls

HEM Saw H90-A Bandsaw

HEM Saw V100LA-4 Miter Cutting Bandsaw

Piranha P65 Ironworker

MSD 32’ Hydraulic Cylinder Machine
52,640 ft lb Torque
3000 psi Test Bench