Industry Leading Mine Scaling Boom Technology

Our patented mine scaling boom technology is a leading innovation in the mining industry. Our patented design features deliver outstanding performance, so you can safely and efficiently scale and remove loose, fragmented material from mine walls, ceilings and facings for stronger, more secure vaults in your mine tunnels. You’ll find QMF’s patented technology in major brands of mine scaling boom equipment that’s in operation throughout the United States and internationally. Contact Us today to learn more about the major mine scaling equipment producers who use QMF’s patented technology.

QMF’s Patented Mine Scaler Boom Technology Difference.

Telescopic boom devices for mine scaling endure tremendous stresses and subsequent wear and tear due to the rapid extension and retraction of the boom and the working scaling tool. Rollers and slides in the telescoping arm are especially prone to failure due to the repetitive motion and intense pounding and pressure of the scaling boom assembly. The problem is greatest when the boom is at full extension, where the load at the tooling end of the boom exerts the highest compressive force on the rollers.

QMF’s patented scaler boom technology offers a solution that dramatically reduces the extent of wear and tear on the product’s extension rollers, significantly increasing the life of the product and minimizing downtime for rework and repair. Make no mistake, all mine scaling boom products will need regular maintenance, rework and repair, simply because of the incredibly brutal work they do in clearing and stabilizing mine walls and ceilings, but it’s a field proven fact that QMF’s patented design improvements mean a scaling boom will stay on the job far longer between maintenance cycles, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs.

Click here for a detailed description of QMF’s patent on a Mining Scaler Boom Assembly, Give us a call today to learn more about how QMF’s experience designing and manufacturing custom mining and heavy industrial equipment will bring you products that can last significantly longer in the field, and save you time and money.

Heavy Mining Scaler Boom In Action
Completed Mining Scaler Boom Ready for Industrial Use