Emergency Fabrication, Machining & Repair for Heavy Industrial Equipment.

Your emergency is our emergency! We get it, and we handle tough repair and rebuild jobs on industrial equipment on almost a daily basis. Our job is to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, and we have the skilled people and the equipment we need to handle almost any heavy industrial equipment fabrication and machining repair and rebuild work you might have. When your equipment is down, QMF is up to the job.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair. We do the big ones.

Repair and refurbishing for hydraulic cylinders up to 28 feet long. That’s big. We have the skills and the equipment to fabricate and machine any part or component in your hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, big or small. We don’t have to tell you how expensive huge hydraulic cylinders are, and you know that repairing them when they’re worn or broken just makes sense. Learn more about our hydraulic cylinder repair capabilities.

When your deadline is “yesterday” for emergency repairs on a piece of heavy equipment, QMF is the one to call. Contact us right now, and we’ll get right on the job of helping you get your equipment back on line. For some customers, we can even handle your emergency 24/7.