Precision Heavy Machining by Experienced, Skilled Machinists.

Modern, high-tech equipment doesn’t just run itself. Our talented people make the difference. The QMF team has decades of experience designing, fabricating and machining precision metal products, so you’ll get exactly the quality and precision you need, as tough and durable as you need it, and delivered when you need it. We pride ourselves on our ability to come through when our customers say, “we need it yesterday.” Bring us your toughest machining challenge. We have the skilled people and the equipment to meet it.

Quality Machine & Fabrication.
Precision Machining for Heavy Industry.

Quality machine is a part of our name, because we have what it takes to do precision industrial machining to meet your tight tolerances and rigid specifications. We have an incredible machine shop with a vast array of fabrication and machining equipment, including large-scale capabilities that other shops simply don’t have, and our people have the experience, skills and talent to get the most out of it.

QMF serves the toughest industries, like mining, logging, agricultural and a variety of heavy industrial sectors, so you know our products are built to last. Whether it’s a single small part or component, or a large industrial structure or assembly, we make it to take it.

Line Boring. Field Machining for Heavy Equipment Repair.

Because the rugged conditions in heavy industry put so much wear and tear on even the most heavy-duty equipment, we also offer on-site line boring services to get your machinery up and running again as fast as possible.

A quick list at our equipment list will show you we have the right tools to handle almost any heavy manufacturing job.

  • Gilbert Boring Mill
  • Okuma Genos L400E – CNC Lathe
  • Harrison Alpha 1550 – CNC Lathe
  • Harrison Alpha 400 – CNC Lathe
  • Okuma M560 CNC Mill
  • Clausing CNC Mill
  • Kuraki Boring Mill
  • Harrison V-390 Manual Lathe

Remember, great equipment means nothing without the great people to run it. Contact us today to learn more about our skilled machinists, our attention to quality and detail, and our dedication to delivering on time, every time.